How to

Supported format

Please encode your movies in mp4 (h264/max 1.5kB/s) or flv (with streaming tags). Make a preview picture in jpg or png format.


Login and create a new post. Than use the wordpress uploader.

Use the following syntax to include the movie and preview picture in your post

[flashvideo filename=/wp-content/path/filename.mp4 image=/wp-content/path/picture.png /]

That all you need to do 🙂 Please make sure not to include the domain in the flashvideo-tag. Auto runtime detection could only work with local path.

optional supported custom fields
duration (only needed if our server does not can determine)
thumb (if you want an other thumb than image at the summary page)
enclosure (please make sure to use the whole URL or RSS-export would not work)